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The result of Mister Global 2019 ~ Korean model Jongwoo Kim김종우won Mister Global 2019 !

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A 23-year-old police administration student & model from Korea won Mister Global 2019 pageant held September 26 in Bangkok, Thailand. Mister Korea, Jongwoo Kim (김종우) bested 37 other hunks from around the world, including first runner-up Houssem Saïdi (Tunisia), second runner-up José Luis Rodrigo Navarro (Spain), third runner-up Kenan Murseli (Switzerland) and fourth runner-up Braulio Encarnación (Dominican Republic). FULL RESULT:
Mister Global 2019: KOREA – Kim Jong-woo
1st runner-up – TUNISIA – Houssem Saïdi
2nd runner-up – SPAIN – José Luis Rodrigo Navarro
3rd runner-up – SWITZERLAND – Kenan Murseli
4th runner-up – DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Braulio Encarnación


(Top 16)
BRAZIL – Gill Raupp
CHILE – Nelson Cáceres
CUBA – Rubert Manuel Arías Solozábal
INDONESIA – Herman Yosef Cahyono
MEXICO – Manuel Duarte López
NORTH CYPRUS – Süleyman Mullahasan
PHILIPPINES – Ricky Gumera
POLAND – Michal Jan Grudzień
PORTUGAL – Angelo Amaro
VIETNAM – Nguyễn Hùng Cường

Mister Photogenic – Hong Kong
Best National Costume – Myanmar
Mister Congeniality – Portugal
Mister Popularity – Vietnam
Best in Swinwear – Panama
Best Model – Chile
Most Charming Smile – Laos

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